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Welcome to AEfifty, the Auto Enrolment service for businesses and charities with 50 or less employees.

By choosing to work with us you will ensure:-

Setting up a “compliant” Auto Enrolment scheme is your responsibility

If you are a company, partnership, LLP, Sole Trader or Charity that employs one or more staff, Auto Enrolment affects you. You cannot avoid it because even if you have a scheme this will need to be reviewed and almost certainly replaced and if you don’t have a scheme, you will need to set one up.

The evidence to date is that 75% of micro employers and 46% of small firms have still not given any thought to auto enrolment. Leaving auto enrolment to the last minute will inevitably result in increased administrative pressure and unnecessary stress.

The Pensions Regulator has made it clear that it is the employer's responsibility to deliver a compliant workplace scheme. Not just that but the Pensions Regulator has also fined employers if they do not have a compliant scheme set up by their Staging Date - more than £400 per day for each day you are late.

Get Started

First off - Read our FAQs for a complete understanding of the implications of Auto Enrolment and the impact it could have on your business or charity. You should do this before you proceed, even if you think you know all about Auto Enrolment - you may learn something you didn't know. Click the following button to learn more about Auto Enrolment.

Why use AEfifty to manage your Auto Enrolment scheme?

There are five main reasons

Reason 1

There are many Auto Enrolment pension providers and they and the services they offer are not the same, so how do you choose which one is right for you and your employees?

The AEfifty Auto Enrolment service has been specifically designed to help smaller businesses or charities decide which provider best suits their needs both in the short and long term. Without this kind of help it is likely that you and your employees will end up with a second class, or worse, workplace pension scheme where the provider will need to be changed after a year or two due to unsatisfactory performance in one form or another.

Not only that but The Pensions Regulator allows you to use one of three definitions of earnings for calculating the contributions payable to the AE scheme. The choice you make can have a very significant impact on the annual costs involved for both you and your employees and in certain circumstance a knock on effect on the complications of running the payroll and the consequent impact on overall costs.

Before the pension provider is chosen we will assess the impact of each of the options on scheme contribution rates.

We will help you to set up an AE scheme which is right first time for you and, not only that, but it will take you only a fraction of the time it would take to do it on your own.

We are independent of any Workplace Pension Provider and have no conflict of interests in the marketplace.

Reason 2

The criteria by which we analyse potential providers is transparent, logical and consistent, so you (and your employees, if you choose) understand why we have made the recommendations we do.

AEfifty criteria for provider selection and the issues they address
Feature Feature
Durability - the financial standing of the provider which gives long term continuity and certainty to you and your employees At retirement options - the maximum flexibility and choice of options at retirement should be available when members need them
Charges - the higher the charges the less the net money available to provide benefits and the lower members income in retirement Pension and payroll software interface - the automatic transfer of data and effective communication transfer is vital
Investment - the more successful the investment strategy for a given risk the more money that is available when needed and the higher the members income in retirement Transfers In and Out - the ability to consolidate past pension pots within the current workplace scheme and transfer them out when leaving is important to many members

Reason 3

Once the pension provider has been chosen the scheme needs to be set up. The interfaces between the provider’s pensions software and the payroll software need to be seamless. Most small businesses or charities outsource their payroll administration. A sizeable minority of businesses or charities run their payrolls in house. Whatever your situation we will work with the pension provider and the payroll provider (in or out-house) to ensure that prior to the pension scheme going live both sets of software are integrated properly.

Reason 4

We will organise and attend a face to face staff meeting to explain the scheme and answer members’ questions.

Reason 5

Our service includes day to day help with the pensions scheme and an annual review to confirm that it continues to be well run and provides you and your employees with value for money. This ongoing service provides:-

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Our Fees

Our fees for the AEfifty Set Up service are:
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